Jumbo Kids

Jumbo Kids is a Preschool with a difference. The Jumbo Kids curriculum is designed to give children a healthy balance between learning and leisure time. Our unique system of education is known as ‘Kiducation', which means that it follows the child's needs according to his developmental stage. Our teachers are taught to reconsider old or traditional concepts before applying them in the classroom. Old songs, ideas and theories are excluded and new ways of thinking are introduced to the children. Age old nursery rhymes and fairy tales or folk tales are updated to resonate with present day values and to bring about positive teaching with them. All activities at Jumbo Kids are undertaken in a completely uncompetitive environment. Every child is a “Winner”. We believe that the focus is not at the perfection of the activity that the child is doing, but at the process that he is learning.


Jumbo Kids
Podar Kiwi Centre, Chamar Baug
off Ambedkar Road
MUMBAI 400012
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