Top signs of an effective support team


There are 7 signs of an effective franchise support team. Image: picdn.netWhat does it take to run a truly supportive team who can assist franchisees reach their goals and make a profit?

According to Greg Nathan, the internationally renowned franchising expert and founder of the Franchise Relationship Institute, there are seven clear indications that a support team is effective.

1. Listening skills

Of course it's important to listen to what franchisees have to say but there needs to be evidence that anyone on the support team understands exactly what is being said.

This can be achieved in phone conversations through the occasional verbal acknowledgement, and in face to face meetings by taking notes, and showing interest in what's being said.

2. Follow up

Franchisees rely on their field managers to follow through what they commit to. This can be particularly important with issues such as lease renewals.

3. A motivational approach

Franchisees need a support team which is consistently positive and provides motivation, particularly in times of stress. 

4. Genuine concern

Franchisees appreciate when field managers show a real interest in how they are going. That means showing through speech and actions that concern is genuine.

5. A no-nonsense approach

Franchisees are busy, and they want field managers to cut to the chase, not waffle. Just tell them straight.

6. A respectful attitude

There may be times of conflict in a business relationship, but the individuals who can remain respectful and seek to resolve any disagreements in a moderate manner are likely to be effective.

7. Empathy

Running a business is never easy, even for franchisees in a network. Franchise field managers can gain respect if they treat the franchisee as a valued business owner. It's more difficult to keep franchisees on side if the field manager has a manager mentality. 

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