Tips on newspaper advertising for US Dollar Store franchisees


Many who own a US Dollar Store retail franchise store assume there is little need to invest in advertising and marketing.  They assume the sale levels and profits at their retail franchise store will somehow continue to grow without re-investing in their business.  

And there might have been a time when this was the case, but in today’s marketplace there is more competition for every consumer dollar.  So there must be a marketing plan for the business that includes advertising in the local marketplace.  One very good way to get the word out about US Dollar Store retail stores is to advertise in community newspapers. The good news is that great amounts do not need to be spent to gain the exposure required.   

Tip #1 - A small advertisement is all that’s required
US Dollar Store retail franchises should not feel obliged to buy full-page layouts to achieve their goal. Newspaper advertising will not be the only thing in the works to achieve this goal. Use newspaper ads to introduce new shoppers to the business, or to bring previous shoppers back. The goal should be to get the word about the store name, location and products available.

Tip #2 - Newspaper advertisements needs to appear in every edition to maximize the impact
US Dollar Store retail franchise owners should not look to newspaper advertising as the quick fix to sales woes. Sale increases will be seen almost immediately, but don’t ignore the long-term benefits. Newspaper ads will serve well as still one more means of gaining repeated exposure for businesses. Ad samples can be found at the US Dollar Store franchise website.

Tip #3 - Be sure to mix it up by changing the ad every 3-4 weeks
Focus on informing potential local shoppers about the store, the products you carry, where you are located, hours of operation and other information customers would need to know. Occasionally advertise special purchases and sales as well. The entire dollar store product variety can be seen at the US Dollar Store retail franchise website.

Tip #4
When operating a dollar store retail franchise business plan to mix it up further by periodically inserting ads for holidays or events or even unique and special merchandise that is on offer. This helps to maintain the freshness of adverts and draws interest from more potential shoppers.

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