How eating habits are affecting food retail business


Traditional takeaway outlets still provide competition for modern fast food chains. Image: startrekker.comIs the Indian consumer changing his or her habits when it comes to dining? It would seem so.

As the urban population becomes more transient, moving away from home means little time to cook.

So dining out is definitely on the menu. And there’s a definite trend towards healthy eating as Indians look to improve lifestyles.

Top options includes salads, soups, green and sugar-free beverages, and these are much more prominent now in most restaurant offerings, suggests Euromonitor in its latest Consumer Foodservice Report.

It’s perhaps no surprise that international companies continue to dominate the chains. While homegrown businesses most often cater for the customers and habits of their particular area, international brands’ menus are not so regionally focused and allow them to more easily expand across the country.

But independents can prove to be more affordable and faster for a quick bite than the well-known big chains – and this meant they were dominant in 2015.

Of course there is, as would be expected, growth in the digital element of food service. Delivery of online orders is predicted to increase, as Indian consumers use mobile applications with easy ordering facilities and value being able to pay cash on delivery.

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