Mocha - Coffees & Conversations

The Cafe Mocha franchise is one of India's most popular cafe franchises. With appealing surroundings, great tasting food and coffee and world-class customer service, the Cafe Mocha franchise is now sharing the opportunity with Indians. Welcome to Mocha®. Settle back in our little coffee shop. Make yourself at home as we take you on a journey. Mocha is all about life's simple pleasures. Coffees, conversations and a smile. Mocha draws its inspiration from the “Quahveh Khanneh” or Coffee House of Morocco and Turkey, where people used to gather over hot coffee, Hookahs and just talk, and enjoy each other's company. It was from these coffee shops that many literary and art movements began, In fact coffee houses such as the “Quahveh Khanneh” used to be known as penny universities, travellers from all over the world would congregate bringing with them news, stories and information of far away lands, leading to the conflux of cultures.


Mocha - Coffees & Conversations
Amrican Express Bakery House
66 / A, Clare Road, Byculla West
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