British Academy for English Language

British Academy For English Language (BAFEL) family is growing bigger and popular at an alarming rate. This goes to show that in the field of ELP market BAFEL has an edge over other English Language Institutes. With its original and successful methodology developed to impart training. British Academy for English Language is committed to the overall development of the individual. Business of Education & Training Education & Training is the fastest growing industry in India. As per Census 2001, our country's overall literacy rate is 65.38% out of which 75.85% males & 54.16% female are literate. Our country is moving fast on to the road of development and is expected to be fully developed by the year 2020. To contribute in the process of development one can excel in any area only through systematic and technical approach for which imparting target oriented education to the masses is the need of the hour. Entering the field of education holding the hand of BAFEL, an institute established in the field of spoken English, is certainly a winning proposition, as it ensures high liquidity, down payments, no credit period & high returns. In short it's a clean, respectable and a low risk business.


British Academy for English Language
16 Satya Niketan, 3rd Fl. Opp. Venkateshwara College, New Delhi -21

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